• What is Paintball?

    Paintball is a fun game which satiates the adrenaline rush of adventure seekers. Generally it is played in groups where they are divided into 2 teams. The well-known game is “Eliminate All” where there are certain set of rules to be followed while defending or attacking to gain the victory.

  • What is needed to play Paintball?

    Play at a field with responsible referees and the field which follows very strict rules. All the equipments such as Paintball Markers, Goggles, Paintballs and Protectors required to play paintball are supplied at the field. It’s wise to wear comfort fitting clothes and shoes with ankle support.

  • Do paintball field offer private games?

    Of course paintball field offers private games for occasions like Birthday parties, Get together, Re-union, Corporate outings, etc. Paintball game is a perfect activity for such occasions.

  • How safe is it?

    Paintball has its own set of rules which if not followed can lead to injury. Safety is a priority to Paintball. All players must have their paintball mask. It is one of the important equipment of safety. Chest guards, gloves, knee and elbow guards can also be used for additional safety. By sticking to the instructions provided one can ensure a safe and a fun-filled game.

  • Will it hurt?

    Generally when a paintball hits within a close range (without any protection) it leaves behind a light bruise. If the player is prone or scared of the sting they can always opt for more safety protection that will lessen the chances of being directly hit. Otherwise there is nothing to worry about.

  • Will the stain remain forever?

    Not really. The splats do not stain and can be easily wiped off from the clothing or the skin. They can be washed away easily. Most of paintballs available are environment-friendly.

  • How long will the game last?

    Games can last from 1 minute to 15 minutes for a passionate mode of speedball games.

  • Can I buy more and play more?

    Of course extra paintballs can be purchased at the field with an extra cost.